Negotiations to commence next week

8 November 2016

Following a summit held recently between Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour and your CEPU/CWU leadership team, negotiations for a new EBA9 to replace the current EBA8 is scheduled to commence from Tuesday next week.

The Bargaining Process

Your Union maintains that the best possible outcome for members is to secure a back-to-back Agreement without any gaps between the nominal expiry of EBA8 (December 31 2016) and the commencement of any EBA9 to replace it.

Although this is the outcome we are working towards, if such a situation did not occur then terms and conditions of EBA8 would continue to apply until it is replaced with a new Agreement.

At this stage, three full days of negotiations have been scheduled for almost every week between now and leading right up until Christmas.

As the relevant Union representing Australia Post employees, the CEPU/CWU intends to again enter into a Single Bargaining Unit (SBU) alliance with our colleagues representing the CPSU — who cover specific employees at certain levels within Australia Post.

This arrangement has worked extremely well in the bargaining of previous Australia Post EBAs — covering off the basis for representing the entire workforce effectively to assist in securing a new Agreement as soon as possible.

Notice of Employee Representational Rights

Australia Post is obliged by law to issue a Notice of Employee Representational Rights to every employee eligible to be covered by the proposed EBA9. As a CEPU/CWU member you can ignore this notice.

IMPORTANT: You are not required to appoint a bargaining representative. As a CEPU/CWU member, the Union is automatically your bargaining representative to negotiate on the behalf of all members.

Your Log of Claims

Following our EBA9 member survey’s record return rate — we are confident that the Union’s log of claims will truly represent the issues most important to our members. The results of the survey can be viewed by clicking here.

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Make sure you keep up to date

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